My best bird shot of the summer

In recent years I've started to take bird photography a lot more seriously and in mid-June I upgrade my Panasonic m43rds system by acquiring the GH5. Panasonic make a deservedly big noise about the video capabilities of the camera but I purchased it purely for stills and wildlife. In July I put it to the test during a break on the south coast of England photographing swallows. 

I watched this particular bird for about half an hour. It kept shooting down the beach then turning over the surf and around on a sort of rectangular-circular run (if that makes any sense). They are such beautiful birds to watch - their aerobatics are breathtaking.

Using the continuous high speed shutter (10fps) I was able to isolate this capture. The bird is clearly checking me out as he buzzes past, at a very rapid speed. Swallows and Swifts really are the streamlined 'jet-aircraft' of the bird world and I was pleased as punch to be able to capture this frame, with the Lumix Leica DG 100-400.