Primrose Hill: The London Stage



*** New Book - Limited Edition of 100 signed and numbered copies ***

Announcing my latest book, published by Whitechapel Eye Publishers.

"The summit of Primrose Hill provides commanding and uninterrupted views of the London skyline. Visitors become players who form scenes on a stage, complete with backdrop and proscenium arch. Photographer Louis Berk places the viewer in the auditorium to observe the ever-changing cast and their performance."

My book is a collection of fine art photographs taken during the period 2019-2022 at the viewpoint of Primrose Hill, one of the best places in London to see the skyline. It contains over 50 full colour and black and white photographs, including panoramic views, which I have carefully curated to tell the story of the interaction of visitors with the scenic skyline of London.


List price: £20.00


Price: £20.00